Founded 2001

Founders, Gregory “Googie” Walker and Paul “Stug” Horace, CEO’s

“In struggling to succeed we find greatness in our artist, ourselves, and our community”.

In our attempt to not be an overnight success but a legacy, we didn’t take a one night or single hit record approach. We took time and sacrifice.
We began as anyone (financial reasons). Money is a constant motivation for success, but we believe dedication to our artist is the core. Interest in music and the appreciation of being born and raised around musician and the good “oldies” allowed us to realize music is a wondrous thing.  Music is contagious, it can bring you up or allow you to remember when you were down.

The bond of “Googie” and “Stug” led the way to a bridge the generation gap and create a force to be recognized.

We originally started with 5 artists and have grown to managing a variety of music variations. Primarily established as Hip Hop and R&B we are now branching out to Techno and Hip Hop Rock.

Now it’s our time to shine. We have enlisted our newest CEO, Linda, and a super production engineer, Edward “The Show “ Parnell.

Under our new label, Megalodon Family Ent, LLC we want to encourage you to groove with us as we take you on the ride of your life, because without you we would be nothing.



GREG- “Mr Music” song writer, Beats, secures venues for performances, recruits and sign new artist.

Mr do what’s needed to ensure the artist success.




Linda – “Let’s make a deal” negotiates contracts to artist satisfaction both for and with the artist.

Ensures venue and distribution agreements are for the best interest of the artist and Megalodon Family, LLC.









Paul- “Founding Father” original owner operator Megalodon Family, LLC formally known as  “Megalodon Records”.

Always on the prowl for new talent.